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Open Competition Abstracts

This year, we called for posters that speak to:

  • A quality improvement project that demonstrates results and/or lessons learned
  • Research focused on patient safety and related outcomes

The Abstract Review Committee reviewed all submitted abstracts. We’re pleased to present 65 posters in our exhibit hall that focus on qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods data, and include preliminary or final results.


Poster Number Title of Abstract Author(s) Organization(s)
1 Views of Children, Parents and Health Care Providers on Pediatric Disclosure of Medical Errors Donna Koller, Sherry Espin Ryerson University
2 Automating Falls Prevention – How Leveraging Big Data Created a Culture of Collaborative Action Planning in Seniors Housing Kashtin Fitzsimons Amica Mature Lifestyles – Queen’s University
3 Improving Access to Service for Case Management Chris Babcock  CMHA Middlesex
4 Quality Improvement in Inpatient Blood Glucose Management: Pilot of an Insulin Stewardship Program Lucy Chen, Stephanie Lubchansky, Henry Halapy, Brigida Bruno, Catherine Yu St. Michael’s Hospital
5 Implementation of a Practice Bundle to Reduce Catheter-Associate Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI)      William Mundle, Crystal Li Mount Sinai Hospital
6 Evaluating the Benefit of a Pediatric Patient Intake Form for a Consulting Pediatrics Clinic   Ilan A. Fellus, Radha Jetty University of Toronto
7 Impact of Medicine Program Assessment Bays on Clinical Indicators and Patient Outcomes Kyle DeMars, Dylan Russelo, Rigya Arya, Alexa Garant, Eric Jeong, Chris Lach, Nathan Tam, Aaron Truesdell, Dayna Eagan, Karen McCullough, Linda Morrow, Andrew Petrakos Windsor Regional Hospital and Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
8 Screening for Intimate Partner Violence in Primary Care: A Quality Improvement Initiative Virginia Brown, Roya Shaji, Jenova Reginold-Constantine North York General Hospital
9 Scaling & Sustaining A Primary Care Quality Improvement Initiative Lynn Toon, Arvelle Balon-Lyon, Eileen Patterson, Mark Watt, Bonnie Lakusta Alberta Medical Association – Toward Optimized Practice
10 Optimizing the Medication Administration Process – A Pilot Project Marie Claude Poirier, Vickie Lacroix Hôpital Montfort
11 Toolkit on Patient and Public Engagement in Choosing Wisely International Campaigns Anna Kurdina, Karen Born, Wendy Levinson, Amy Ma, Todd Sikirski University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine
12 The Path of Least Resistance: How Computerized Provider Order Entry Can Lead to (and Reduce) Wasteful Practices Joseph Choi, Cori Rebecca Atlin Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network
13 Reducing Waste: A Guidelines-Based Approach to Reducing Inappropriate Vitamin D and TSH Testing in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Setting E. Ali Bateman, Alan Gob, Ian Chin-Yee, Heather M. Mackenzie Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University
14 Impact of Auditing and Teaching Routine Environmental Cleaning of the Operating Room (OR) to Housekeeping and OR Staff Philippe Fournier, Josée Shymanski, Marcelle B. Thibeault, Martin Carrière, Mychèle Sabourin Hôpital Montfort
15 Reducing Harm from Opioids in an Academic Family Health Team: A Multipronged Team-Based Approach Margarita Lam Antoniades, Jonathan Hunchuck, Samantha Davie, Kari Fulton, Brenda Chang, Emma Jeavons, Rajesh Ghirdari, Andrew Boozary, Mary Gaudet, Anne Mullen Grey, Victoria Pho, Sam Merrifield, Tiana Tilli, Tara Kiran St. Michael’s Hospital
16 Time for the Talk: Optimizing Hepatitis C Treatment Discussion Rates in HIV-Hepatitis C Co-Infected Patients Genevieve Rochon-Terry, MaryBeth DeRocher, Ann Stewart, Daniel Bois, Tony Antoniou Health Centre at 410 Sherbourne, St. Michael’s Hospital
17 Improving Patient Communication in an Emergency Department’s Rapid Assessment Zone Ahmed Taher, Federico Webster Magcalas, Victoria Woolner, Stephen Casey, Deborah Davies, Lucas Chartier Division of Emergency Medicine, University of Toronto
18 Team Dynamics within Quality Improvement Teams: A Scoping Review Paula Rowland, Dean Lising, Lynne Sinclair, G. Ross Baker University Health Network
19 Communicating Cardiovascular Risk in Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Quality Improvement Project Stephanie Gottheil, Chandra Farrer, Natasha Gakhal, Dana Jerome University of Toronto
20 Safe Reduction of Abdominal/Pelvic CT Imaging in Children at Very Low Risk for Intraabdominal Injury: A Quality Improvement Initiative Suzanne Beno, Dorothy McDowall, Daniel Rosenfield, Michael Aquino, Paul Wales, Tania Principi The Hospital for Sick Children
21 Pilot Asthma Pharmacist Consultation Service: Perspectives of Patients and Pharmacists Zahava Rosenberg-Yunger, Pria Nippak, Nida Khalid Ryerson University & Ontario Pharmacists Association
22 Dissemination of Quality Improvement Knowledge and Projects via a City-Wide Emergency Medicine Quality Improvement Digest Jesse McLaren, Lucas Chartier, Joseph Choi University Health Network
23 Inpatient Deprescribing: A Pilot Project Performed at Winchester District Memorial Hospital Mohamed Gazarin, Brian Devin, Ali Elbeddini, Sean Burnet, Simon Duncan, Lynn Hall Winchester District Memorial Hospital
24 Checking in Daily for Safety Ian Fraser, Carolelina San Jose, Mari Iromoto, Janice Ward Michael Garron Hospital
25 Teamwork, Communication, and Role Unfamiliarity in the Operating Room Joseph Spohn, Devin Stirling, Hanny Chen, Samantha Walsh, Jamie Riggs, Catalina Casas Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University
26 Improving Prosthetic Care for Patients with Lower Limb Amputation Amanda Mayo, Matt Ratto, Sander L. Hitzig, Stephanie Cimino, Danielle Ribeiro, Evan Harvey, Daniel Maassen, Shane Glasford, Florian Sperber, Howie Safeer Khwaar, Kaveh Ashourinia, Jerry Evans Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
27 Reducing Time to Analgesia for Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Emergency Department Victoria Woolner, Reena Alhuwalia, Hilary Lum, Kevin Beane, Jackie De Leon, Lucas Chartier University Health Network
28 Improving the Condom Ordering Process in the Condom Distribution Program at Toronto Public Health Melissa Kim, Barbara Macpherson, Lesley Belows, Glory Chowtie Toronto Public Health
29 Reducing Medication Incidents: Quality Improvement Provides the Tools, Staff Provide the Expertise Leah Welsh, Karen Beckermann Toronto Public Health
30 A Quality Improvement and Human Factors Assessment of the Use, Cleaning, Transfer, and Storage of Patient Commodes in An Acute Medicine Ward Logan A.J. Seymour, Chris Scott, Erica Battram, Carol Mann, Nathalie Bruce, Kathryn Suh, Jennifer Medves The Ottawa Hospital and Queen's University
31 Implementing the New Health Quality Ontario Hip Fracture Quality Standard: A Baseline Audit of Current Performance and Proposed Quality Improvement Plan at St. Michael’s Hospital Prabjit Ajrawat, Joyce Fu, Ashana Manoharan, Sarah Ward University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital
32 Balancing Top-down and Bottom-up Approaches to Implementation and Spread of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement for a UHN-wide Safety Transformation Wing-Si Luk, Emily Musing University Health Network
33 Patient Engagement in the Development of Best Practice Recommendations for Transitions in Care from Hospital to Home: A Scoping Review Grace Zhao, Tara Kiran, Carol Kennedy, Gracia Mabaya, Karen Okrainec St. Michael’s Hospital & University of Toronto
34 Opioid Stewardship: Implementing Pharmacist Led Assessments for Patients Co-Prescribed Opioids and Benzodiazepines at an Academic Family Health Team Tiana Tilli, Tara Kiran, Norman Dewhurst, Jonathan Hunchuck St. Michael’s Hospital and University of Toronto
35 Optimizing Warfarin Anticoagulation in Hemodialysis Patients at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Varun Dev Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
36 Time to Huddle – Determining the Feasibility to Support Interprofessional Collaboration in an Ambulatory Setting Jennifer Price, Mary Burello, Debbie Childerhose, Faith Delos-Reyes, Chandra Farrar, Mireille Landry Women’s College Hospital/University of Toronto
37 Ensuring a Seamless Transition to Higher Education in Young Adults with Hemoglobinopathies Rosemary Leone, Brooke Allemang, Megan Henze The Hospital for Sick Children
38 Understanding Equity in Primary Care Patient Experience Adrina Zhong, Tara Kiran, Sam Davie St. Michael’s Hospital and Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry
39 First Year Analysis of the Operating Room Black Box Study James J. Jung, Peter Jüni, Gerald Lebovic, Teodor Grantcharov St. Michael's Hospital and University of Toronto
40 What We Learned About Patient Safety in Primary Care from Significant Event Analysis John M Maxted University of Toronto and Markham Stouffville Hospital
41 Identifying, Treating and Follow-up for Children with UTI in the Paediatric Emergency Department Valene Singh, Laura Morrissey, Michelle Science, Olivia Ostrow The Hospital for Sick Children
42 Double Edged Sword: Root Cause Analysis Reveals Computerized Provider Order Entry as the Culprit Behind Two Unit Red Cell Transfusions on the Oncology Ward Alan Gob, Anurag Bhalla, Ian Chin-Yee University of Western Ontario and London Health Sciences Centre
43 Improving the Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) Process: A Qualitative Study of Family Caregiver Perspectives Brigette Hales, Sally Bean, Debbie Selby, Bill Ford, Elie Isenberg-Grzeda Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
44 Improving Hydroxychloroquine Dosing and Toxicity Screening at a Tertiary Care Ambulatory Centre: A Quality Improvement Study Sahil Koppikar, Natasha Gakhal Division of Rheumatology, University of Toronto
45 SIGNS4Kids: A paediatric Clinical Deterioration Safety Initiative Christopher Parshuram, Carla Williams, Joanna Noble, Kristen Middaugh, SIGNS 4 Kids (pan-Canadian expert group) The Hospital for Sick Children
46 Increasing Recovery Room Utilization through a Merger of Ambulatory Surgery Units at Michael Garron Hospital Melaine Wistuba, Marie Fulcher, Christine Saby, Kathleen Kennedy, Jane Harwood Michael Garron Hospital / Toronto East Health Network
47 Improving Socio Demographic Information for Effective Care Delivery in Primary Care Setting Abel Gebreyesus, Liben Gebremikael TAIBU Community Health Center
48 Screening While You Wait: A Technology-based Pilot Step Wedge Trial to Facilitate Actionable Exercise Prescriptions in Primary Care Payal Agarwal, Zachary Bouck, Natasha Kithulegoda, Beth Bosiak, Lindsay Reddeman, Jane Thornton, Roni Propp, Ilana Birnbaum, Liora Altman, Noah Ivers Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health Systems Solutions and Virtual Care
49 Clozapine Bloodwork Adherence: A Matter of Safety Patricia Melville, Danielle Maillet, Ilse Jean University Health Network
50 Measuring Quality of Care During Active Surveillance in Low-risk Prostate Cancer Patients: A Population-based Approach Narhari Timilshina, A Finelli, S Beate, G Tomlinson, SMH Alibhai IHPME, University of Toronto and University Health Network
51 Clinical Incidents and Near Miss Events Related to the Clinical Practice of Nursing Students Sherry Espin, Alyssa Indar, Binita Thapa, Dana Edge, Nancy Sears Ryerson University
52 Understanding the Patient Experience and Challenges to Osteoporosis Care Delivered Virtually by Telemedicine Sandra Kim, Patricia Palcu, Sarah Munce, Susan Jaglal, Sonya Allin, Jawad Chishtie, Arlene Silverstein Women’s College Hospital and University of Toronto
53 Reducing Mental Health Readmission Rate by Improving Discharge Processes Rita Desai, Jaime Boccongelle Center for Addiction and Mental Health
54 An Ounce of Prevention: A Quality Improvement Study of Strategic Pneumococcal Vaccination for Older Adults on a Geriatric Inpatient Unit Katrina Piggott, Eric KC Wong, Mary-Anne Lee, Jawid Darvesh, Amneet Thiara, Youmna Ahmed, Melody Hung, Maria Zorzitto, Mireille Norris, Barbara Liu, Dov Gandell IHPME, University of Toronto
55 Improving Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Management at a Tertiary Care Hospital Neha Puri, Angela Assal, Geetha Mukerji Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
56 Understanding What Drives Patients with Cancer to Visit the Emergency Department: A Qualitative Study of Patients and Clinicians Avery Longmore, Nicole Veloce, Marck Mercado, Katie Dainty, Lisa Hicks University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital
57 Translation into Practice: Introducing Dextrose 40% Oral Gel Treatment for Hypoglycemia in Infants Jo Watson, Marion DeLand, Wendy Moulsdale, Julie Choudry, Sue Hermann Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
58 Reducing the Time to Lung Cancer Diagnosis in a Lung Diagnostic Assessment Program Christine McDonald, Zameera Syed, Reena Morar, Harvey Wong, Anu Tandon Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and University of Toronto
59 An Interprofessional Pathway for Patients Initiating Treatment with Palbociclib: Optimization of Toxicity Monitoring Alia Thawer, Susan Singh, Jordan Stinson, Lori Mackinnon, Lisa Ng, Shikha Lawrence, Angela Boudreau, Maureen Trudeau, Sonal Gandhi Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre
60 Electronic Physician Ordering Tool Increased CT-Angiogram Use in High-Risk TIA and Minor Stroke Patients Amy Y. X. Yu, Arunima Kapoor, Juhyun Kim, Nastasia Kujbid, Kevin Si, Aikta Verma, Richard H. Swartz, Ed Etchells, Sean Symons Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
61 Hospital Readmission Following Prostatectomy: Reasons and Successful Interventions Alexandra Boasie, Michelle Lee, Jasmine Song, Avinash Mukkala, Alice Wei Cancer Care Ontario
62 Transitioning Care with r-TIPS, A Radiation Treatment Information Patient Summary Ruby Bola, Lori Holden, Laura D’Alimonte, Mikki Campbell Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre
63 Applying Human Factors Design Principles to the Use of Additional Precautions to Improve Healthcare worker Adherence:  A Prospective Multicenter Before-after Study Tanya Agnihotri, Victoria Williams, Jerome Leis, Patricia Trbovich, Wayne Lee, Joseph Benson, Lachlan Glen, Melisa Avaness, Fatema Jinnah, Natasha Salt, Jeff Powis Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
64 Multicenter Improvement Study Using Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring to Prevent Healthcare-associated Infections Tanya Agnihotri, Jerome Leis, Jeff Powis, Allison McGeer, Daniel Ricciuto, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre IPAC Team, Michael Garron Hospital IPAC Team, Mount Sinai Hospital IPAC Team, Lakeridge Health IPAC Team, St. Michael’s Hospital IPAC Team, Matthew Muller Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
65 Identifying the Causes for Inappropriate Urine Cultures in a Canadian Urban Academic Emergency Department Adrian Wu, Larissa Matukas, Lisa Hicks, Patrick O’Brien, Melissa McGowan, Amy Cheng University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital
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