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Join us in Ottawa, one of five locations, for an interactive day focused on health care quality in the region.

Throughout the day, everyone in the room – front-line clinicians, patients, other community members as well as clinicians and leaders from health care, public health, Indigenous, Francophone and local communities – will:

  • Build existing and new relationships with health sectors and local communities
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge on health care service delivery and planning for northern communities
  • Explore the nuances of the quality of health care in urban, rural and remote settings across Ontario

In-person registration is now closed.

But, do you have an OTN connection?
You can virtually join breakout sessions with your OTN connection. Register by emailing hqt@hqontario.ca providing your OTN information and identifying your city of choice. By tuning in virtually you’ll also have access to a livestream of Toronto’s plenary sessions.

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Montfort Hospital
713 Montreal Rd
Ottawa, ON K1K 0T2
Room: Auditorium
If you can’t attend in person, consider joining online through the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN). Contact HQT@HQOntario.ca to learn more.
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This location will join plenary presentations broadcast from Toronto and participate in two breakout sessions for Ottawa:

  • A morning session focused on data-driven quality improvement in Champlain, and
  • An afternoon session on professional well-being and quality care.
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  • Schedule
  • Morning Breakout Session
  • Afternoon Breakout Session