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London was one of five locations where attendees participated in an interactive day focused on health care quality in the region.

Throughout the day, local community members, front-line clinicians, patients, leaders from health care, public health and local Indigenous and Francophone communities:

  • Built existing and new relationships with health sectors and local communities
  • Identified opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge on health care service delivery and planning for northern communities
  • Explored the nuances of the quality of health care in urban, rural and remote settings across Ontario
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London Health Sciences Centre
339 Windermere Rd
London, ON N6A 5A5
Room: Auditorium B
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This location joined plenary presentations broadcast from Toronto and participated in two onsite breakout sessions:

  • A morning session focused on advancing palliative care in South West Ontario, and
  • An afternoon session on collaborating across sectors to improve patient transitions.
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  • Schedule
  • Morning Breakout Session
  • Afternoon Breakout Session